Sicherheit für kritische Infrastruktur 
ist eine Frage der Intelligenz.

Super Safe

Extremely robust

CelaTop® Secure Sicherheitstüren

Zugangslösung für sicherheitsrelevante Infrastruktur

Concern about terrorist attacks on our lives is almost omnipresent. The attackers' goals are always chosen so that the greatest possible damage is caused.
In this context, it has long been a legitimate concern that the public energy and drinking water infrastructure could become the target of attacks.
CelaTop® SECURE access openings are made for vertical and horizontal access and have been specially developed for sensitive access to public infrastructure. They are characterized by high resistance to unauthorized access and reach security level 5.

When it comes to the security of critical infrastructure, several aspects are of utmost importance.

Physical Security

Critical infrastructure such as cables, data or water networks must be protected from unauthorized access, manipulation, vandalism and theft. End points such as monitoring shafts, waterworks and passage structures can be reliably protected with CelaTop® Secure. Our robust products are tested according to relevant standards and offer the highest level of protection and maximum delay in manipulation at a reasonable cost.

Operational Safety

Proper maintenance and regular inspection of the infrastructure ensure that it can operate safely and reliably. This includes training staff to understand and adhere to safety-related protocols.

Training and reporting

Proper maintenance and regular inspection of the infrastructure ensure that it can operate safely and reliably. This includes training staff to understand and adhere to safety-related protocols.


For functional units that are spatially distant from the monitoring base, remote monitoring options must be considered. This can be reliably demonstrated in our products by additional equipment with contact switches of any kind, pressure monitors or similar assemblies in conjunction with signaling units, cables or radio connections.

Design features

The difference lies in the implementation

In the construction industry, it is particularly important that safety aspects are included in the planning and construction process right from the start in order to ensure a safe and robust infrastructure. We proceed in the same way when constructing the CelaTop® Secure security access openings.

From the first pencil mark to the finished welded construction, everything comes down to one question: How can we implement a safe and robust solution for protected access to critical infrastructure at a reasonable cost?

Robust Materials

The choice of high-quality, robust materials is essential for a good result. Our CelaTop® Secure security access openings are designed to withstand impacts, weather conditions and possible intrusion attempts.

Mechanics and locking

The gate opening and closing mechanism we developed is reliable and safe and easy to maintain. The well-designed locking mechanism ensures that the gate can only be operated by authorized persons

Emergency opening options

We have provided a special emergency opening mechanism to allow quick exit in the event of an emergency.

Protective devices

CelaTop® Secure security access openings are equipped with guards to prevent injury or damage if someone enters the area while the gate is moving.

Integration into existing security systems

If required, CelaTop® Secure is an isolated solution that works very well on site. However, it can also be seamlessly integrated into your existing overall security system to enable effective monitoring and control.

Norms and standards

The construction complies with the relevant safety norms and standards. You will be happy to receive more information on this upon request.

Made from steel

The entire product is made of steel. Special steel and other materials are used in relevant places to make penetration more difficult. Special construction details prevent successful manipulation.

Extensive closure technology

The door/lid is locked in several places and
Protected from manipulation by special design.

Double door leaves on request

For greater security, there is the option of installing double door leaves. Then one leaf closes inwards and another towards the outside. Double locking = double security.

Portcullis available upon request

On request, portcullises are available for the manhole covers for increased occupational safety.