Water is the source of everything.

EnviroZink® duct filter, Access technology, Drainage technology.
Products from HATIBA are active water protection.


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Duct filters

EnviroZink® duct filters are high performance helpers at your sewer. 


Access technologies

Manhole covers and access doors of our Brands EnviroTop® and CelaTop®


Our Drainage solutions 
around your Home and Yard

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Manhole covers

Does a manhole cover have to look ugly?

If you are looking for manhole covers for private properties, you have come to the right place. In recent years we have specialized in the development and manufacture of manhole covers for especially this use, Commonly known as manhole covers, this expression is not precise enough for what we are talking about. We believe that a manhole cover is more than just that ugly piece of cast iron in your yard. With the help of our solutions, the manhole cover becomes the cherry on the cake of your yard design and no longer needs to hide.. They are used wherever there is access to the underground infrastructure and the opening needs to be secured. 

EnviroTop® secures your access in a beautiful way

The new EnviroTop® cover of the second generation is the perfect solution for your requirements. Safe, sustainable, maintenance-free and - beautiful!

CelaTop® is the solution for more descreet needs

Our range of fabricated steel covers is named CelaTop®. We offer an extensive range of different solutions for almost all requirements. Whether versions for insertion, for screwing, with or without opening aid, with teardrop plate or for filling with concrete or paving - we can realize every requirement. 

Galvanised duct filters

Inconspicuous helpers for important tasks

HATIBA also has production facilities in Europe for the production of "hollow goods", which include siltbuckets and slotbuckets as well as dirtcatcher traps made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel. These products are often used in sewer systems and are characterized by a long service life and low cost. The products are standardized according to DIN 4052, DIN 1221 or DIN 1236 and are available in numerous variants.

Siltbuckets and Slotbuckets

Manufactured according to the requirements of DIN4052 and DIN1236, these products are used in drains to filter out coarse dirt from the sewerage system. An important contribution to the entire system, which helps to massively reduce costs for cleaning the sewer system and maintain its functionality.

DIN Schmutzfänger

Corresponding to DIN 1221 and are also used where it is important to keep coarse dirt out of the sewage system. The standard dirtcatcher trap is supplemented by many variants such as the ring dirtcatcher trap. If you feel that there might be additional requirements for your use, just give us a call or send a message via email or the contact form here.

Gardening products

The beauty of the craftsmanship of days gone by

HATIBA has its own production facilities in Europe for the production of planters and other consumer goods made of sheet steel, which are hot-dip galvanized after production in accordance with EN1461. This means you receive a product made with high-quality craftsmanship and a very long service life. On request, we also provide powder-coated versions in the common RAL colors. When comparing prices, pay attention to certification according to DIN 55633-1, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy this product for long.

Galvanized steel planters and flower pots

Manufactured to the same high standards as our other products, our products are ideal for the design-oriented use of zinc in the garden. Ideally, it should be used as a planter in conjunction with the clay pots we supply, which prevents the plant substrate from drying out in strong sunlight. Our planters are available in various sizes and designs and can also be made to order.

Galvanized steel watering cans

are also manufactured according to the high requirements of the other products and are ideally balanced in order to achieve a high usage rate despite the higher weight compared to plastic watering cans. Our watering cans made of sheet steel are always hot-dip galvanized according to EN1461 and are therefore protected against corrosion for a long time. The elegant Italian designs fit perfectly into any garden landscape.

Consumer goods for gardening and agriculture

Our garden range is completed by interesting products relating to gardening and agriculture. Here you will find ladles, buckets, pots and tubs made of sheet steel with subsequent hot-dip galvanizing according to EN1461

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